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Benefit Fraud accounts for the largest single abuse of public funds in the UK. It's a crime that neither local nor national government are taking lightly.

Now you can help to beat the benefit cheats who cost you money by reporting suspected fraud via this website. You'll also find a wealth of information about fraud, including a regularly updated database of fraudulent activities which you could fall victim to.

Fraud Central is maintained by a partnership between the DWP and 4 Scottish Local Authorities. If you have any questions about the site, or wish to contact us in confidence, please see the details on the Contact Us page.




Key Facts

Benefit Fraudsters not only affect Social Security benefits, they can have free prescriptions, free eye tests and free dental treatment costing the NHS millions of pounds per year.

Benefit Fraud costs upwards of 2 billion per year. Money that could be used for things like new schools, better roads and more police on the beat. It is the ordinary taxpayer that is paying for the fraudster.